Urethane Belt Welding Heat Wand

Urethane Belt Welding Heat Wand

  • $49.00


  • Non-stick coating on the tip makes the welding process easier and cleaner
  • Long profile makes it ideal for use on large flat belts
  • Comes with a soldering iron tip that may be used to temporarily convert this tool into a soldering iron
  • Note that the cord may be 2 pronged instead of 3 pronged as shown. Performance is equivalent.


Buy as Part of a Kit for a Discount

Standard Kit (1 clamp and 1 heat wand)
Pro Kit (2 clamps and 2 heat wands)



Works best when used with our Urethane Belt Welding Clamp (sold separately here). Soften belt ends with the heat wand, and squeeze the Urethane Belt Welding Clamp handles to press the soft belt ends together and hold until they harden. Watch the tutorial video below.