Urethane Cord Welding Clamp

Urethane Cord Welding Clamp

  • $89.00


  • Capable of joining all shapes of urethane cords (sometimes known as polycord) up to 2 inches in width and 1/2 inch in thickness
  • V grooves for easy alignment
  • Significantly less expensive than other welding tools on the market
  • Enables installation of cord under tension, meaning you don’t have to take your robot apart to install a replacement belt
  • Makes belt welding a 1 person job; other methods may require 2 or more people
  • Reduces the risk of burns


    Soften belt ends with the heat wand (sold separately here), and squeeze the handles to press the soft belt ends together and hold until they harden. Watch the tutorial video here.


    Buy as Part of a Kit for a Discount

    Standard Kit (1 clamp and 1 heat wand)
    Pro Kit (2 clamps and 2 heat wands)