About Practical Parts

Practical Parts LLC was founded in 2017 by two alumni from FRC team 2169, KING TeC with the purpose of providing unique products that are easy and cost effective to implement for all levels of FRC teams.

While working on KING TeC we had many “I wish we could buy this off the shelf” moments. We are here to make those ideas a reality.


Liam and Adam both served as Heads of Mechanical on KING TeC. Together, they led design and construction of world class robots and forged the partnership that would later become Practical Parts. Liam and Adam both graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering from North Dakota State University.



Adam Fowler

After graduating from Prior Lake High School, Adam went to work at Maverick Drone Systems where he managed UAV service operations. Prior to founding Practical Parts, Adam founded Notely Apps which produced the app "Trumpet Fingerings" that has been downloaded 30,000 times. Adam transitioned to an advisory role at Notely Apps when Practical Parts was launched.


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Liam Straub

 Liam Straub started off his FRC career on team 4239 Willmar WARPSPEED his freshman year of high school. This was a fairly small and low funded team that faced many challenges throughout the season. Liam worked hard to produce the best quality robot he could for the 2014 FRC season. Upon the completion of his freshman year, Liam moved and joined FRC 2169 KING TeC, a much better funded team. This transition was difficult for Liam, but he quickly made new friends on KING TeC. Liam applied what he learned on Wilmar WARPSPEED to his time on KING TeC, becoming the team's head of mechanical alongside Adam Fowler during the 2017 season. Liam's unique experience on both well funded and cash strapped teams led him to co-found Practical Parts LLC to produce cost effective and practically designed parts for all levels of FRC teams.